The Bossy Bees

Transcript – Childcare

Reading Time: 7 minutes Listen on Spotify Kim: Hello and welcome to Episode 4 of the Balancing Mom Podcast. In today’s episode, we are going to discuss the challenges with childcare. Particularly, managing the time and cost when you’re a full-time working parent or parents. Stacy: We are your hosts, Kim and Stacy, coming to you from the charming […]

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Transcript: Should I Buy Cheap or Expensive Clothes for My Kid?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Listen and Follow the Balancing Mom Podcast on Spotify Cheap or Expensive Clothes? In this week’s podcast, we highlight the best and worst investments in your kids’ clothing. We want them to be confident, feel cozy and comfortable, but it’s painful to watch them grow out of their clothes so quickly! It’s okay to cut […]

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