balancing mom discusses the pros and cons of investing in clothes
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Cheap or Expensive Clothes?

winter jackets are a good investmentIn this week’s podcast, we highlight the best and worst investments in your kids’ clothing. We want them to be confident, feel cozy and comfortable, but it’s painful to watch them grow out of their clothes so quickly! It’s okay to cut some corners when it comes to clothes, but buying cheap clothes for some occasions and seasons can lead to more headaches and an even larger investment in the end. Kim and Stacy talk about some of the costly mistakes they have made and where clothing investments have paid off. With a few trial and error runs, we have learned that our kids can be comfy, cute, and practical without breaking the bank!

Kim and Stacy talk about finding clothes that require a little more durability for kids that actively play.  For our active lifestyles, we find that pajamas and shoes are the most worn and most often ripped and abused clothing items no matter what season we are in. We share our most reliable brands for shoes like Vans and our go-to pajamas like Hannah Anderson.

Since Kim and Stacy live in a moderate seasonal climate, there are seasonal requirements for the kid’s clothes. From coats all the way down to shoes, we share tips on where your money has the biggest impact on your kids’ closets.

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