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We hit it off right away. Our instant chemistry often resulted in boisterous fun. Our very similar backgrounds coming from northern Virginia, attending George Mason, instructional design, and similar family dynamics created immediate bonds. We worked together, side-by-side for many years creating wonderful and successful programs. We’ve seen the best of each other, held each other accountable, and have helped when post-partum or grief have descended. Together we transition, cope, learn and live as friends,  moms, managers, wives, daughters…

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Stacy Whitenight Innovator, Mom of Boys, Golfer, Foodie, Adventure-seeker

Favorite movie? Gone with the Wind

Favorite book? The God of Small Things

What’s the most important trait in a person? Loyalty

Dream car? Aston Martin

Guilty pleasure? Romance Novels

Best advice to give? Remember what’s truly important when things get difficult. 

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Kim Cada Navigator, Baseball Mom, Mom of Multiples, Feminist, Party Planner

Favorite movie? Aliens

Favorite book? A Separate Peace

What’s the most important trait in a person? Honesty

Dream car? Volvo station wagon (the boxy one)

Guilty pleasure? Binge-watching TV

Best advice to give? Advocate for yourself, because when you do – you advocate for those that can’t or don’t know how to.

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