Breaking Down Barriers: Real World Experience for Leadership At Work

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

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Have you ever applied for a job and been told that you don’t have enough experience for that role? Stacy and Kim reflect on their work experience and the barriers that they’ve encountered with career advancement. As former coworkers, the two women share some of the common experiences many of us have faced at work. They probe some ideas on a few ways we (all of us!) can be recognized for the leadership experience and expertise we bring in to work in a way that is valuable to not only ourselves but the organization.

So many people have to desire to move into leadership or management positions at work. Stacy and Kim talk about how those two responsibilities are actually quite different in reality.

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They discuss their own work journeys and how they practice honoring accomplishments and skills earned along the way. Leadership skills present in so many ways! Their goal is to help you learn how to articulate your latent or hidden skills in a way that the business can make sense of it. Because, when we can advocate for ourselves this way, we are laying the groundwork to be compensated appropriately for the value we bring into the organization.

The Bossy Bees is a weekly podcast where we open up to discuss a range of topics that make us laugh, cry, and seriously ponder. We’re here to help you recognize all that you’ve accomplished. For all the times you were told you didn’t have what it takes or that you just aren’t ready, we know you are.

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We’d also like to share a few books and people we’ve met along the way that have helped changed our perspective and created energy and allowed us to refocus our strengths and talents:

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