The Bossy Bees Tackle Bias

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

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In today’s episode, we will be talking about implicit bias. We know it’s a hot topic that often brings uncomfortable feelings to the surface, even for us. It’s important to acknowledge this is hard for other people too, which is why we are committed to this practice together. 

We often hear, especially in the workplace, the intention to “eliminate bias.” We believe this perspective is harmful and does not set us up for success. By the end of this podcast, we hope that you understand that bias is an instinct. Implicit bias is impossible to “eliminate” and should be acknowledged for what it is. We are meeting it “head-on!” Our power to create good and bad comes from this bias. It is also in our power to sharpen our skills to understand and then relearn these instincts. When we can do this, we do not contribute to environments and situations that cause ourselves and others harm.

In this podcast we are talking about:

  • Diffusing the apprehension by clearly defining what bias is, particularly in the context of today’s conversation.
  • How we encounter bias within ourselves, at home, at work, and in our communities.
  • Can we really eliminate bias at work?
  • Different types of bias we encounter, especially in the workplace (gender, beauty, conformity, etc.).
  • We share some of our personal experiences in how we have witnessed, received, and even participated in situations or events where bias has taken over.
  • The consequences and outcomes for ourselves, teams, relationships when we repeatedly ignore the bias.

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The Bossy Bees is a weekly podcast where we open up to discuss a range of topics that make us laugh, cry, and seriously ponder. This week, we opened up a space to explore our own vulnerabilities to help others know that talking about racism is a work in progress. 

Keep going! Keep learning!

Check out some of our other blogs, podcasts, and some of our favorite resources related to this topic that we’ve discussed today. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but rather, connects some of the concepts we talked about today to further your learning journey.

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