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by | Feb 24, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

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The Bossy Bees are tackling the famous Godfather perspective on business, “It isn’t personal, it’s business.” It’s time for entrepreneurs to debunk this harmful and detrimental approach to business!

In the first of a two-part topic, we are talking about the importance of embracing being personal as an entrepreneur. We dive into some of our own personal challenges we’ve encountered along our journey as entrepreneurs. We’re also sharing why approaching business with an open-heart proves to create outcomes that have been some of our favorite aspects of choosing this path.

  • Aligning vision and values between your personal life and business
  • Creating the right foundation for giving and receiving feedback 
  • Entrepreneurs that lead with heart vs transactional business relationships
  • Pushing the boundaries as an entrepreneur
  • Why entrepreneurs need to overcome the fear of failure 
  • Carrying out your values with conviction and passion

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The Bossy Bees is a weekly podcast where we open up to discuss a range of topics that make us laugh, cry, and seriously ponder. We’re here to help you recognize all that you’ve accomplished. For all the times you were told you didn’t have what it takes or that you just aren’t ready, we know you are. Check out some of our other blogs and podcasts related to this topic on entrepreneurs:

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