Champion inclusivity: A look inside the insidious world of AI with Albert Myles

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

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Albert Myles is a Knowledge Program Manager in customer content services. His passion and curiosity in technology have led him to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI). Albert is eager to expand the horizons of his own understanding. His work depends on sharing knowledge driven by data!

For Albert, as a knowledge Program Manager, the current path of Artificial Intelligence has raised concerns. There are large gaps in data sources this AI depends on. That is to say, with so much incomplete data, applied AI can have deadly consequences. Encouraged by the potential, Albert explains there is danger lurking if we continue on the path of unchecked AI development:

  • The inevitability of technological unemployment
  • The harm of homogenous creators: Who controls the creation of Artificial Intelligence?
  • Are the creators of AI leading us toward a path of mutually assured destruction?
  • Let’s stop unthinking! How do we turn these growing pains into wins?

Albert brings compelling evidence and experience to understand Artificial Intelligence. In conclusion, he advocates for this technology when developers are creating a good tool. Myles encourages us to consider that all good things happen with moderation: “AI can do amazing things. We need to find the balance before we let it go.”

Learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why we need D&I

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This episode was made possible by Albert Myles!

Albert is an innovative technology veteran with 23 years of hands-on IT experience across several industries. After over a decade in Publishing, he moved into Healthcare IT where I spent the next 12 years working in several disciplines ranging from Auditing to Knowledge Management.

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