Our 3 Bossy Bees team is based in Durham, North Carolina. While the severe impacts of Hurricane Florence have not turned in our direction, the local area prepared and braced for impact. We watch the news and weather updates intently and are thinking of all the communities that are experiencing the torrential rainfall and winds.

Our counties have closed schools and many public services have been required to close for the safety of their employees. We wait out the storm and are taking these days to spend time with our families. During the indoor days, we have a few activities lined up to engage the children and we have enough diversions to keep electronics to a minimum.

With the desire to avoid dirty dishes – in the event electricity goes out, we have chosen a few things that are craft and family oriented:

  • Bingo: Make a block of 4×4 squares and fill in numbers, words, or pictures
  • Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of things to find in the house, from obvious items like lamps to some of the little figurines tucked away in the kids’ rooms
  • Paper airplanes: We have a ton of scrap paper in reserve for coloring, but it makes for great paper airplanes. You can do generic folds, but this site has some great options: Paper Airplane Designs
  • Paper Flowers
  • Moving Paper Fish
  • Fort Building: This was a favorite of mine when my brother and I were kids. Break out the sheets, blankets, and pillows and give the kids some freedom to build a fort in the family or living room.
  • Break out the clay or Play-doh. We’ve recently upped our game and have created more with modeling clay… from kittens to tanks.
  • Adult reading to child
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    Download a book and read it together as a family. We recently read
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together each night and the kids loved it. Other books we’ve read together includes Charlotte’s Web (I couldn’t read the end without crying. It was likely the first time my children saw me sob.) and James and the Giant Peach.




Check back with us next week when we post our third podcast and will have resources for how you can help the those affected by Hurricane Florence. Our hearts go out to all the communities and we pray for the safety of everyone in the storm’s path.

Please be sure to check in with North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety on storm conditions. The site gives updates on road closures, shelters, and food assistance.

Update (10.11.2018)  There are multiple ways North Carolinians have pulled together to begin recovery efforts from Hurricane Florence. If you are looking for a way to help, the 3 Bossy Bees stopped by the Diaper Bank of North Carolina to learn about the organization and deliver diapers. Displaced parents need help to keep those little tooshies clean and dry. We encourage you to donate diapers and wipes. Follow these links to their branches and Amazon wishlist that will deliver right to the warehouse.


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