Stacy and I just recorded a podcast about morning routines and what helps all the little ones get ready for school or daycare. While I wouldn’t call myself an expert, my nine years of experience should qualify me for the title of “Senior Morning Transition Manager” or “Let’s Get Ready for School Supervisor.”

Morning Routine

Mornings at my house typically start with someone or something waking me up. This is never a voluntary act. It is a rare day when I jump out of bed ready to conquer the day. Usually, a child will wake me up to tell me they are hungry or I can hear the chickens squawking to be let out of their coop. (Why we have chickens is a story for another day…)

Once an adult is out of bed the routine begins, which looks something like:

  • Drink water
  • Make breakfast for kids (often pancakes or a bowl of yogurt)
  • Make sandwiches
  • Make school snacks
  • Pack lunch bags
  • Ask kids if they have brushed their teeth
  • Fill kids’ water bottles
  • Kids ask for help opening the vitamin gummies (yes, my kids’ pediatric dentist is reading this saying… “Noooooo gummies.”)
  • Make coffee
  • Sign papers in kids’ folders
  • Pack backpacks
  • Ask kids again if they have brushed teeth
  • Ask kids if they have socks
  • Ask kids if they have their library books
  • Ask kids if they know where their shoes are
  • Ask kids if they have brushed their hair
  • Run upstairs and get ready for work (a quick shower, sometimes washing my hair/sometimes not), brushing my teeth, putting on makeup, throw on an outfit, and fix my hair)
  • Run downstairs
  • Ask kids if they know where their shoes are
  • Help kids find shoes
  • Ask kids to get in the car
  • Ask kids if they remembered their backpacks
  • Ask kids if they are buckled
  • Put minivan in reverse
  • Realize I have forgotten my cell phone, or PC for work, or purse, or lunch

The above is a version of a good morning. There are some mornings where we must find a particular t-shirt or item for show and tell, someone needs a bandaid, or there is a disagreement about the little mini Lego city we have in the living room.

Maybe because I’m a project manager by training or just slightly obsessed with making lists, I developed this Ready, Set, Go! printable to help my kids focus on their morning routine. I put it by the door and each time the kids come in and out of my line of sight in the morning I ask them if they’ve completed the list. I need one for myself too because driving to work without your computer makes it hard to do any work.

Share with us what you’d like to see on your list and stay tuned for an upcoming drawing for a customized printable for your morning routine. Join us in the coming weeks for podcasts on this topic and how to get yourself ready for work with less hassle.

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