One New Thing (with Transcript)

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Try one new thing for productivity this week
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Stacy: How’s your week been? We just started… (laughter) What (new thing) are you trying with this week?

Kim: Well, I will say when I get to work every day I write down what I have to do for work and then I also write what I had to get done in my personal life. Things that I can obviously do from my desk like, transfer money, pay credit card bills, fill out the grocery order. Things like that.

Kim: And I’m going to get them done the first thing because otherwise, you won’t get them done. Work is busy. And, you and I manage other people’s projects.

Stacy: We’re managing other to-do lists! My new thing is also a To-Do List related. But I’m trying something different. I am carrying over my to-do list from the previous day. So, at the end of my day I sit down with my list that I started with today, and tomorrow I have my list for today. So tomorrow I will sit down at my desk and then I can hit the ground running. So, I know exactly what my priorities are that I need to tackle for the day. And, at the end of tomorrow, I will have another list of things that I didn’t complete and things that I’ve added on to it.

Kim: Is not just for work or personal too?

Stacy: You know I am the personal thing on there. That’s why I’m feeling so buried.

Kim: Oh, I mean you should see my house it’s a disaster. Like, our bed is literally covered with laundry.

Stacy: Do you know what happens in my home when I do that?

Kim: It gets pushed on the floor?

Stacy: YES! (laughter) Yes, it does. Then it goes right back on into the laundry basket. We call that living off the pile.

Kim: Oh I like that. That’s how I’ve been living to go to work.

Stacy: Living off the pile!

Kim: I think people are like…

Stacy: I’m in my mid-30s and I’m living off my laundry pile.

Kim: NICE! I think people are like, “does she have a washer and dryer? Are those clean? We’re not sure…”

Stacy: That might be my one new thing… next week.

Kim: Incorporating the personal goals into your list?

Stacy: Folding the laundry. (laughter).

Kim: It’s never-ending!

Stacy: I tried at one point a day-by-day, 30-minute cleaning list. And, that was when we first moved into this house. Jon put the kibosh on getting someone to come in to clean house and I was like great! I have this method of keeping the house clean. If we each tackle… for 30 minutes a day… I mean that’s nothing!

Now, I can’t even work out for 30 minutes a day… That didn’t last four days. I would look at it… its kitchen cleaning day and Jon would literally walk to the kitchen and be like “it looks good.”

Kim: I had one of those lists. I taped it up on the inside of my kitchen counter.

Stacy: I still have it in my laundry room.

Kim: And yeah that’s as far as I got with that.

Kim: So, Stacy, when you do this carry over work list… at the end of your day much time, are you leaving to do that list? And does it stress you out?

Try one new thing this week like making a productivity list
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Stacy: About 10 minutes. Because I don’t check my email all day. So, I will go through my e-mail and if I didn’t catch anything during the day I add it to the list.

Kim: Does it stress you out sometimes knowing that you already know when you get to work you have to hit the ground running cause of all the things weren’t done.

Stacy: I don’t spend the time I’m falling asleep making the to-do list in my head saying because I know I’ve already done it.

Kim: It’s there.

Stacy: It’s there.

Kim: That’s fair. And you know what, the list will always be there.

Stacy: Oh yeah. I’ve come to accept that the work will never be done. Like the pile of clothes will never be folded. It just keeps rotating in and out of the washing machine. You know another really good thing that I’m going to try? Having a glass of water before my cup of coffee.

Kim: Do you do that in the morning? You go straight to coffee?!

Stacy: Of course I do…

Kim: Well, you still have little kids. So that’s acceptable. Yeah, don’t do that!

Stacy: Yeah. So I’m going to do that. As my coffee is filling up, I’m going to drink a glass of water and see what happens.

Kim: Do you take vitamins?

Stacy: No.

Kim: I always take a glass of water with one.

Stacy: I eat my kids’ vitamins? (laughter) They’re gummy vitamins… don’t judge me

Kim: (laughter) Oh I don’t. Yeah… You gotta stop eating them.

Stacy: Maybe!

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