Stacy reflects on Allyship

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

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Over the last few weeks, The Bossy Bees have been talking about some heavy topics related to race and bias, and today we tackle allyship. As we depart this body of work, for now, know that our journey is not finished. We continue, in our own ways to unlearn, learn, and find ways to create equality and justice in our work, relationships, and communities.

This work is not light or easy. You may feel hesitation to continue for fear of missteps and mistakes. We have those feelings too – and we DO make mistakes! Fear should never be a deterrent to pursue something as great as equality and justice. We are human, and mistakes are inevitable. Embrace forgiveness and give yourself grace as you open your mind and heart to unlearn and relearn.

When you are curious and genuine, the people around you will also forgive and give that grace. As you begin your work as an ally, whether alone or with others, at some point you will feel utterly alone in your shame and guilt. Know that you are not alone, those feelings are a signal that you’re doing it right. We know quite a bit about unpacking heavy feelings! Communicating with honesty and courage with yourself is critical to the process.

What will you learn about allyship today?

Today’s podcast will close out our short series on bias and racism. We will recap some previous episodes and highlight some key differences in the paths of action to continue pursuing action:

  • Recap on our podcast dedicated to bias
  • Recap on our episode about racism
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, and Antiracism do not add up to anything without JUSTICE.
  • What is an antiracist?
  • What is allyship and ways you can show up as an ally
  • Malcolm X and the three pillars of action
  • The importance of self-care as an activist

We honor and acknowledge both within ourselves and with you, our listeners that this is a hard topic and we all feel, experience, and move through this life differently. No matter where we may be on our journey, there are several truths that we’ve discovered in common along the way. One of those truths is that compassion and respect must be at the center of this journey, for oneself and others.

We hope that our experience has opened a new door to explore this topic. We are on this allyship and accomplice journey with you, and know this is our time to move over and give the voice to others who are experts on how to continue these conversations. Here are some of our favorite resources from experts, and professionals, and influencers dedicated to this body of work of unlearning, learning, dismantling, and building a just and equitable world.

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This episode is brought to you by THE LOST CRIMES LIBRARY

The Lost Crimes Library, created and hosted by Neysa Henderson. The Bossy Bees have talked quite a bit on our podcast about equity, diversity, and justice for BIPOC. These inequities and gaps often surface in our justice system. Our curiosity on how these injustices unfold and our part of our action plan, as an ally, is to lift the voices of others. Which led us to the Lost Crimes Library. You can find this podcast on iTunes podcast, Spotify, or follow the RSS feed.




You can find a transcript for this episode HERE.

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