Take Back Self-Care

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

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The overlooked, underappreciated, and often misguided practice and application of self-care. The Bossy Bees are talking about what self-care really involves. Hint, Hint… it doesn’t involve a Mani or Pedi. We are talking about our own journeys and where we’ve been misled and how some artificial practices cause more harm than good.

Self-care is critical to sustaining long-term momentum to achieve your goals. We believe that you cannot wholly commit to objectives until you begin your own journey of self-love. Everyone’s journey is unique! As a result, our application looks and feels different, whether you tap into this through silent meditation or songs of your faith. It’s important to understand that this journey is about is caring for your soul, and not achieved through superficial means such as a short stint at the hair salon.

self-care is a right
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Self-Care Resources to Continue Your Journey

Because this journey is personal and unique to every individual, we hope that we have opened the door to help you reframe and think about how your journey can begin. We are sharing some links below to break the cycle and get you started on your own unique journey to self-care!

  • Emotional Bandwidth When Work and Parenting Collide: The blog that inspired our conversation! Kim talks about her experience managing a healthy bandwidth as a journey.
  • Fail Gracefully: Forgiveness is essential to creating a healthy space of self-love. We are going to make missteps along the way and that is OKAY! You are not alone and failing gracefully is an art we should all master and embrace!


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