Should I Buy Cheap or Expensive Clothes for My Kid? (with Transcript)

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balancing mom discusses the pros and cons of investing in clothes
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Cheap or Expensive Clothes?

In this week’s podcast, we highlight the best and worst investments in your kids’ clothing. We want them to be confident, feel cozy and comfortable, but it’s painful to watch them grow out of their clothes so quickly! It’s okay to cut some corners when it comes to clothes, but buying cheap clothes for some occasions and seasons can lead to more headaches and an even larger investment in the end. Kim and Stacy talk about some of the costly mistakes they have made and where clothing investments have paid off. With a few trial and error runs, we have learned that our kids can be comfy, cute, and practical without breaking the bank!

Kim and Stacy talk about finding clothes that require a little more durability for kids that actively play.  For our active lifestyles, we find that pajamas and shoes are the most worn and most often ripped and abused clothing items no matter what season we are in. We share our most reliable brands for shoes like Vans and our go-to pajamas like Hannah Anderson.

Since Kim and Stacy live in a moderate seasonal climate, there are seasonal requirements for the kid’s clothes. From coats all the way down to shoes, we share tips on where your money has the biggest impact on your kids’ closets.

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Kim: Hello. Welcome to episode five of the Balancing Mom Podcast. In today’s episode, we dive into when to invest in what type of clothes for your kids. We’ll talk about weather comes into play and how the playstyles of your kids can also influence your clothing choices.

Stacy: We’re host Kevin Spacey coming to you from the charming city of Durham North Carolina. The balancing mom Podcast was brought to you by three bossy star mom. We’re excited to be here share tips advice and a little bit of sanity that you are not alone of working for.

Kim: All right! OK, so winter is coming and fall almost here. I want to say that’s in North Carolina. Almost. We have another month.

Stacy: We have another month and a half, at least. Winter is coming… You don’t watch Game of Thrones? Do you?

Kim: No, but I know the reference! So, Lands’ End, they recently had their friends family that was 40% off. So, I just went ahead and pulled down the big giant tub of winter jackets. And then, I went ahead and purchased our winter coats.

Stacy: Did any of them fit?

Kim: Of the three, only two you needed winter coats. Which was good!

Stacy: We’ve never been so lucky! Once they once the season passes, the clothes pass. Yeah. So we’re stuck with seasonal wardrobes for the kids.

Kim: So, clothes is one area that I’m always wondering ‘OK. What do you splurge on?’ What do you do? Do you just the cheapest route? Since like you’re just said. They grow up so fast. They are in them for the first six to eight months and then the next. So, jacket’s is one where splurge a little bit more. Mainly because I have tried to go the cheaper route and my kid is standing there on the playground freezing.

Stacy: And they tend to rip weird places… the zipper breaks off.

Kim: And then like you like paper clip the zipper… or safety pin it…

Stacy: Oh… I’ve been that parent. And it’s OK.

Kim: But, that’s where I realized OK. Just spend a little bit more money especially when they’re wearing them from mid to late November all the way through March.

Stacy: We’ve found some pretty good jackets at like a church resale, like consignment sales. So we’ve been lucky enough to find some good jackets. We found a Lands’ End jacket at one last year, it was in good shape. So, hand me downs, a BIG thing in our family. And because of that, we have the luxury of being able to have the budget to spend on a couple nicer things. We… as far as outfits go, we will splurge and splurge buy like 20 30 dollars for a nice shirt for the kids. We go to nice dinners and you know if we go to church they get to wear a shirt and a pair of nice pants and we’ll have a nice pair of shoes to go along with it. But the one we always splurge on every year is pajamas! Especially for Christmas! and we LOVE our Hannah Anderson pajamas.

Kim: Oh yeah!

Stacy: We’ve got a Darth Vader one… we love those! And they were last. So we got it last year. And our oldest son is still kind of growing into it and he still uses it. So it’s perfect.

Kim: Those are the ones we got last year when we did Star Wars. And also a Mrs. Santa Dress. That one will get reused. Like last year it was a little too big, but this year it will be RIGHT there.

Stacy: Yeah.

Kim: So, I like that. They stay firm and heavy. You don’t wash them once and all of a sudden like you can see their elbows.

Stacy: We keep our house pretty cold in the winter in the summer months, so our kids need warm pajamas. Our children are like it’s freezing, it’s July!! So the other day our younger one was actually wearing the elf pajamas that were his big brothers in the middle of August and July. If you’re wondering why he’s was wearing elf pajamas – We keep our house so cold that those are our favorites. We always splurge on those because they do last at least a year.

Kim: Now, I saw that, in a Facebook photo, that Jon has the elf pajamas…

Stacy: Oh that’s right.

Kim: That is one thing that is kinda sweet about Hannah Anderson. The parents can get in on the fun…

Stacy: He was not expecting that… that Christmas fun.. but he went for it anyway!

Kim: That’s awesome.

Stacy: Hey, it’s alright! They all look really good.

Kim: It was adorable.

Stacy: That was the year that I was pregnant and I was Santa.

Kim: Oh yes. Do you have photos of that?

Stacy: I think I do think I do.

Kim: OK. If you have a photo of that we have to put that online.

Stacy: I can sacrifice a little what’s left of my dignity. If I can find that…

Kim: After childbirth, you still have some left?

Stacy: Very very little of it. Trying to save that up in my little piggy bank.. gather what I can and try to put them back in.

Kim: Oh yeah… definitely pajamas. And the other thing long sleeve t-shirts for my little girl. She is very petite and so she gets cold. And I have.. I tried to save money before. We don’t have hand-me-downs. We don’t have any friends that have girls really. And no family members that have given us any. The age gap is really big so they got rid of their girls’ clothes. So I tried to shave off some dollars… and man, they’re just so thin!

Stacy: Oh… she’s hatin’ on you…

Kim: I think along with her cheap winter coat. OK. Two things like a full splurge in those areas.

Stacy: Our favorite hand-me-down that I recommend splurging on, even though my kids run a little bit hot, they play rough their jeans don’t always hold up. But pants, I’m not entirely sure who makes them. I’m sure you can get them at different places but they are like athletic style pants. They have a nylon-y type stuff on the outside. They’re athletic so they can move in them. I’ve seen them lined with different stuff, I’ve seen them with fleece. My kids don’t like those because they get too hot. But almost like a Jersey material. Or, they have like an extra layer that they can play outside in the winter with them and stay warm. They can come back inside and because there is cotton in it, it breathes well enough as they are sliding across the wood floor. And, attempting as much as they can to make holes in their pants… These actually hold up really well.

Kim: We haven’t had too many problems with holes in our pants. But kids play so differently. Like each individual family has a different way kids are rough on their clothes. Mine are rough on their shoes. We ended up spending a little bit more money we that my Vans and they held up. We could do pass those down from one kid to the next.

Kim: There’s just nothing worse than when your kid comes back from school and their poor shoe is broken.

Kim: Like Velcro broken or the soul coming off.

Stacy: The sandals! That happened to us this summer where I got cheap, like really cheap sandals, for my oldest son. He came back and the shoes were going free… It was like a reverse flip-flop. Oh I felt so bad. He was heart-broken they were his poor Spidermen shoes!

Kim: Oh and they love them! And when they light up, they love those too.

Stacy: Yeah they don’t always hold up and our kids are pretty rough on shoes too.

Kim: Yeah we found that the skater shoes are unisex too. So, if you have a girl or a boy. I mean, they can wear any and all pretty much. And it, you know, they’re fun and cool and they have some cool designs sometimes.

Stacy: And you can draw on them can’t you?

Kim: Some. They have them in canvas, or you can get leather. But for me, the biggest part was the sole of the shoe has to hold up. Like it can’t come flopping off. Shoes was a big one. Now for summertime clothes I usually I’m like… no money.

Stacy: Oh yeah, my kids are hardly ever dressed in the summer anyway. And mine get so dirty right now.

Kim: I’m like I’m not investing all the money for shorts.

Stacy: I mean our thing is we consign a lot of our clothes. We get stuff from consignment just the everyday wear but the pants for us need to hold up, the shoes, and a good coat. We were always putting down a good coat. You can get really good deals especially right after Thanksgiving. We’re fortunate enough or we don’t need it really before, because it stays pretty warm here. Yeah, we head over to the mall Black Friday.

Kim: Last year? Did Jon go? Are you crazy?

Stacy: Yeah, we did that. Lands’ End… I think are the ones that that make that really thin jacket. And, it stays warm and they can move in it.

Kim: Oh. Thred App…

Stacy: Oh Thred up!

Kim: So, for her little girls’ dresses. If you need a little girls’ dress and you don’t want to pay full price. I’ve gotten some good deals on there.

Stacy: I’ve gotten myself some good deals on there.

Kim: Yes, I got winter sweaters for myself.

Stacy: I got some nice designer shoes off there!

Kim: I mean I got sweaters, J.crew.

Stacy: The hunt is on. The hunt is on for winter clothes and all clothes.

Kim: Yeah. Invest wisely as they go through fast.

Consign what you run out of and make some of that money back… To buy new stuff that they’re gonna grow out of in six months!

Stacy: Kim and I are grateful that you’ve decided to join us in today’s discussion. We invite you to explore more topics and you dive into your Balancing Mom podcasts. Visit our Web site at That’s the number three bossy bees dot com. We appreciate your feedback in the reviews as well. Please visit us again next week as we talk about getting yourself and the rest of your family out the door on those busy mornings. Until then keep calm, and, you know you got this.

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