Well-rounded Living (A Self Care Podcast Transcript)

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Stacy Whitenight 0:05
Thank you for joining us the bossy bees. We are grateful to have you here with us today for our 10th episode of our bossy bees Podcast. I am very excited that you’re here with us today as we welcome our first guest, Sabrina Marie Balto, she is a certified integrative nutritionist.

And she’s lending us some time and her expertise to talk about a holistic approach to self care, nutrition and how to create an overall well rounded approach to living a healthy and balanced life.

Sabrina 0:38
Good afternoon.


Stacy Whitenight 0:42
All right. Yeah, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. But I’m really excited to get to talk to you today. Because we’ve been talking about this stuff for a while. And wanting to do this for a while.

Sabrina 0:52
I’m so excited to share.

Stacy Whitenight 0:55
So for some of our listeners, Sabrina and I went to college together, we’ve known each other for a really long time, you’ve always been like one of the most healthy people that I’ve I’ve known and balanced, you have always taken really good care of yourself. even despite the hangovers, we’ve had to nurse together. We did. So, um, tell me a little bit about what you’ve done over the past, you know, pandemic year to sort of up your game a little bit in in terms of like your self care and, and, and that sort of stuff.

Sabrina 1:36
You know, I’ll uh, I’ll say it from the beginning, the pandemic definitely not shattered, my self care, but like it woke up. This need to better take care of myself, so I can be better for my kids. But I’ll go back and mention that when the pandemic started, I was I’m still a working mom, I was working a full time job I still am. But as you mentioned, my curiosity in health has always been there. since I can remember I’ve always been interested in learning about different diets, different methods of taking care of yourself, you know, I’ve done juice cleanses and fasting and everything. I’ve been an experiment, experimental person. But when the pandemic started, I decided to enroll at IGN, which is the Institute for integrative nutrition. And let me tell you, that was life changing. I have been wanting to do this since 2005. And I finally pulled the trigger and said, This is my time. And this is a great opportunity while I’m home to pursue this degree. And I recently graduated, I am now an official certified AI and health coach. But in terms of self care, I want to emphasize that self care is a lot more than going shopping or getting your nails done right. During the pandemic, while we’re all home quarantined. None, nothing was more important than self care. And to meet that was your mental health space. Because

Stacy Whitenight 3:28
everyone seemed to invade it though. demick everyone was in my personal space and my headspace. I can’t wait to hear how that’s managed. Because it’s something I still struggle with. I mean, at some point in this podcast, a child is going to run into this room or a dog or a spouse and and they’ll be in my space, and then they take me out of this space in my head.

Sabrina 3:54
I know and that’s very tough, and I can totally relate my kids interrupt just to see what I’m doing. There’s no question they don’t need anything. They were just you know it as soon as I leave to go to the grocery store, they they’re like when are you coming back? it’s it’s a it’s it’s a constant distraction. But I you know, my kids are in different ages. One is almost 12. The other one is almost eight and then I have a little one who just turned two. He’s napping right now, which makes things easier because the older two, I can tell them do not bother me. Go Go ask someone else right. I don’t have to do at all. But I also learned to prioritize my time and that means that I have to wake up at 5am because that is the opportunity for me to you know, look at my to do list. I get the opportunity to work out. I meditate. I read my books, sometimes I don’t work out sometimes I just lay there and read my book that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. And that was what helped me the most, I learned that my self care is important for my mental state to be okay and happy. And I’m not saying I’m perfect, I have my days where no matter how much I meditate, I am still reactive or irritable. And but during quarantine being home, especially when we couldn’t leave at all, I had to find some structure. Because when we used to go to work, you know, I, I know people have different jobs and different schedules. But for me, I had a structure, I woke up at a certain time I made breakfast for my kids, I got ready and I got in my car and I drove to work. After that came crashing down, and I was in my sweatpants all the time. It’s initially I was like, this is the best time to get in shape. And then I’m like, I can’t work out for eight hours a day. So luckily, at the time, you know, we were transitioning into summer, so we couldn’t go outside and we were outside a lot. But as the winter and the fall came around, the biggest part was being together all the time and doing something for somebody else. However, I realized for me, I’m not going to be my best self, if I don’t do something for myself first. And that to me was no longer selfish. It was important because being the best mom and wife that I can be meant that I needed an hour to sleep in. I needed to, you know, go for a walk. And what worked as I communicated with my husband, we I said, I have to sleep in sometimes, and he was more than happy and willing to support me. Right? Yeah. And once I started doing that, and getting the rest that I needed, I didn’t feel guilty, I was like, I am so rested, I can do anything. And that meant that I was in a better mood. I could, you know, I made breakfast for my kids like a real breakfast and I wasn’t as annoyed or reactive towards them. So self care to me is getting good rest, reading a book, making sure that you are not surrounding yourself with people that don’t serve you that don’t make you happy. That is what self care is. During the pandemic. We all needed each other, but couldn’t be together. And the people that stayed connected and made you happy are the people that are going to stick with you. Forever, right? And that meant my kids, people like you, right? We all just checked in whenever we talked, we were even just like on Instagram would say How are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 8:09

Stacy Whitenight 8:11
Are you going as crazy as I am? Yes.

Sabrina 8:18
I am. I was going as crazy as you you are, but I am not anymore. I accepted that this is a time for us to slow down. This is a time for us. There is a reason for all these things happening. There’s a reason I had the opportunity to see my son’s first steps. Oh, yeah, I had the opportunity to watch movies I haven’t watched in a long time. I mean, I can’t complain about wearing sweatpants for like, I can’t complain about why to me though. Those sweatpants and

Stacy Whitenight 8:54
workout tights, they lied to me. And, and they let me put on some weight man.

Sabrina 9:02
They didn’t. They were not telling me the truth.


Stacy Whitenight 9:09
I love what you’re saying because it’s you know, you’re right, it is a time to slow down. And I think at some point, I hope that most people realized that they had this wonderful opportunity. You know, there were a lot of distractions in the world. But I think that you know, as we think about self care and that slowing down and we have had the opportunity that that makes me question All right, well, one, what does this look like? You know, what are some of the challenges going to be when things start opening back up like when the friend start like lowering you back out into maybe some of the air you know, areas that you do enjoy but may not be giving back to you in that like beneficial way. Like, how have you thought about how you’re gonna manage? You know, sort of saying no, really? That’s what it’s about, right? It’s about saying no.

Sabrina 10:10
I, although I’m a people pleaser, and I think as a parent, especially moms are so self giving. But I really have no problem saying no. And I realized this lately, right, my husband is now going out a little bit more for work meetings. And sometimes he asked me to come in that, you know, I’m like, you know what, I don’t want to go and listen to you guys talk about work. Right? Like when we were dating, I’m like, Yes, I want to go anywhere you want to go, I will sit there and smile. And now I’m like, this is that’s it, doesn’t it, that’s not going to make me happy. I think you should go and have fun. And then tell me all about it. And I have the opportunity to put my kids to bed, watching a movie I want to watch. So it is going to be a little challenging when things hopefully start to go back to a new normal. But I think a lot of us being home for so long, have probably adapted to certain things that make them happier, and realize that we don’t need so many restaurants and happy hours to be happy.

Stacy Whitenight 11:33
Yeah, there’s other places. And, you know, it makes me think of, you know, my, my friendship with Kim. If she were here, she would probably be like, Oh, this sounds familiar. Because, you know, I think probably like, a year ago, and not quite a year ago, I don’t think I’m gonna say maybe a year ago, 1011 months ago, she decided to stop drinking for her health. And that, that mindset change for her, you know, where she said, my mindset is going to be, I’m not going to poison my body. That was how she felt about it. And she was like that, that’s it, it’s just, I’m going to put better things in my body. And that includes alcohol. And, and so she’s kind of given that up. And she got a tremendous amount, I think of pushback from her friends and people around her even I was kind of like, Well, what about just this glass of wine? Like it really just didn’t register to me at that point. And so, it’s interesting, because I think it’ll be a similar, you know, on a larger scale, maybe it’s a similar sort of experience, where people have said, are starting to say, this is now my priority? You know, how does, you know, I think Kim also really struggled with her friends in that regard, and, you know, was frustrated about that experience of not being heard, and just left it alone. You know, and it takes an adjustment. So, you know, how do you get how do you get people to listen to you when you’ve made these changes? Because changes, people don’t like change, especially. If it impacts them.

Sabrina 13:27
people, people are threatened by change. And they’re threatened by people that realize that pressure being pressured by someone or something. And what I’m trying to say is that people need to understand that we are all in charge of our lives. Everyone is on a different path. And the way I balance it is when you know I do my different experiments of not drinking or drinking or eating plant based or vegan, I just offer information. I’m like, would you like to try this?

Unknown Speaker 14:10

Sabrina 14:11
you know, fake meat burger? No. Okay, well, I’m going to sit here and enjoy it. If you want to know more about it, why I’m doing this, I’m happy to tell you, if you don’t, then please go on and carry on with your life. I have no judgment on anybody’s need to change their lives, for better or for worse. It’s, it’s your it’s your decision. Right. Right. And if it makes Kim happy, and you know, she could very well tomorrow say I’m gonna have a glass of wine, and there’s no problem with that. And she can then go back to another year of not drinking. So I think a lot of people are just a little threatened by that type of decisions, strong decisions. And when people stick to them, they don’t know what else to do and think that drinking or doing other drug related activities is the only thing that they have. They there. It’s so you know, it’s on the surface of what a friendship could be, and giving them a chance and exploring, what else can we do? Maybe it’s better to go for a walk in the park. Or maybe we can try like new yoga poses together and see who can hold the head pants longer or

Stacy Whitenight 15:34
something like

Sabrina 15:35
that, right? People, I can totally relate to that when you know, it’s okay. When we say we’re pregnant, and we’re not drinking. Right? Or I can say it’s against my religion, and people just drop it. But when I say, I just don’t feel like drinking today, people are like, no, are you pregnant? What are? Yes, which I’m not pregnant. And I’ve enjoyed a couple of Manhattan’s last night they were delicious.

Stacy Whitenight 16:04
Yeah, and I think that really speaks to, you know, everyone’s self care looks different. You know, for Kim Kim, for instance, her self care look like, you know, I don’t want to put words in her mouth. But I think at the end of the day, she really wanted to be present with her family. And when she started to think about how many hours she was dedicating to nursing a hangover, she was like,

Sabrina 16:31
I’m not present

Stacy Whitenight 16:31
because I’m doing this instead. And this is not the type of self care taking care of my hangover. It’s not the type of self care that I personally, like. You know, over the course of this pandemic, I certainly have reduced reduce the amount of alcohol that I’ve consumed one, just I mean, it just seems boring at this point. But like, same old, same old. But yeah, especially for our younger listeners, I’ll tell you what nursing a hangover with children is, I don’t wish that on my worst enemy. And yet I do it to myself.

It’s awful. Yeah. And I think, you know, we have to think about, really think about what gives back to our lives in a meaningful way. And you’re right, it’s not a pedicure, manicure, not to say that those are fun and great. But that self care does look different for everybody. Not everyone likes to read either, you know, I think you and I have that I comment I love to read. And so I actually tend to stay up later, to get that stuff done, I have found that I’m not a morning person anymore. And I’ve tried the 5am thing, you know, for a while, and I tend to just wake try to wake up when the kids wake up, which is early anyway. So

Sabrina 18:06
I yeah, I understand. I just knowing myself, if I wake up when the kids wake up, and they immediately they need things. If I haven’t had my coffee, or that 10 minutes to myself, I am I am not a nice person. I will tell them how it is I have no shame in telling them how it is. And it’s not okay. You know, it’s not okay to be reactive towards them when you’re when you did this to yourself. And I that that’s what was important to me. And I learned that if I just wake up a little earlier, because I realized I am not a morning person as opposed to an evening person. I used to stay up till very late. And now I’m like 930 I am out. I want to go to bed, because I want to get my beauty sleep. And I want that good sleep. Because then he would set me up for the next day with intentions of going and doing my workout. Going to work on time getting getting things done. And that to me was self care. That setting my priorities, establishing a routine schedule, identifying what I like to do, and going with that. And being the most important thing is being kind to myself. Oh yeah, because if there is a day I used to you know, get feel guilty for eating pizza. I felt guilty for having too much wine. I felt guilty for not working out. And like that’s crazy. And as this pandemic has didn’t write I was I had so much time with myself and learning about myself, I being kind to yourself is most important, because that’s how people will treat you.

Stacy Whitenight 20:10
Oh, that’s so true. Yeah, that’s, that’s actually really true. You know, I think when you sort of peruse, you know, the internet for, like, self care when you finally have that moment, this is I remember really distinctly feeling like this sort of at the beginning of pandemic, where I was, like, everybody out of the house, everybody just go away. Like, I just, I need this quiet time, and then everyone left. And I was like, Well, I

Sabrina 20:37
don’t know what to do.

Stacy Whitenight 20:39
Like, I remember googling self care, and it was like, shopping,

Sabrina 20:45
Manny, Petey,

Stacy Whitenight 20:46
do your hair, and I was like, I don’t want to do any of those things. And I had never, you know, despite living inside my head and body for over 30 years, I didn’t know what I needed in that moment of stress. And, you know, by the time you get there, it’s too late. You know, like, you should know what to do. And so then I was like, Alright, I really need to think about what that self care looks like, for me, you know, and I realized, you know, I, I feel the best, right after I get off my bike, my peloton, you know, like, physically, I’m, like, I look like a hot mess. But, you know, there’s like, the sense of pride in me. And the, the fact that I got through, you know, 30 minutes, or an hour of mental anguish of telling myself, I’m good enough to do that, you know, like, that is, that is self care, like that mind cleansing that, you know, not not allowing the negative part of myself to take over. And that training of my brain. So like, That, for me, is really where my self care comes from, is

Unknown Speaker 22:09

Stacy Whitenight 22:11
psychological cleansing. You know, I read a lot of books, about, you know, just to better understand myself, I read a lot. I watched a lot of stuff with regards to, you know, not, not really I’m not really mean, like self improvement, but just different ways of understanding myself, like I read books about, you know, my heritage, and that field makes me feel even more connected to myself and grounded. And I think, you know, I think everyone has a different way of getting they’re not, you know, some people are like, I’m not, you know, I don’t want to go for a run. That’s, you know, so I think everyone really has to take a second and say, like, when do I feel the best? When does you know, like, when is my body may not know, my body is like laying on the floor, you know, that doesn’t necessarily, you know, someone walked in the room, they’re like, how is that self care, you are a disaster.

Sabrina 23:13
You know, it’s, it’s definitely reprogramming your mindset. And, like, we both said, key is finding what you enjoy to do. If you enjoy your peloton, that’s fantastic. If people enjoy watching documentaries all day, that’s great. If as long as you you do it, and you do it with intention, to then say, this is what I like to do. And I’m going to do it. Like, you got to call yourself out on things that you procrastinate or dismiss. Once you get to the bad parts, and identify the good parts, which we all have. We’re none of us are perfect. me getting up at five. You know, I have friends, they’re like, how do you do this? I’m like, I just get up and do it. I don’t like it. I don’t always like it. But I just get up. I just talked to myself and like get your butt up. You’re gonna need it, you’re gonna need it. And as soon as I’m up and I splash cold water on myself, I am already up and ready. And I always have my yoga mat out. I always have my clothes laid out. I have like options all over the house. So I don’t have to wake up my family when I’m up, right I put leggings all over the and a sports bra. Because if I have the opportunity to do 10 minutes of stretching, it’s going to make me happy and make when I’m happy. My kids will be happy. And then I’ll be nicer to my husband and I won’t be as annoyed when he you know didn’t take out the trash. So Self Care over this year, has taught me that being kind to myself enjoying things that I like to do, pursuing this degree is all all parts of self care. I was reading things and learning about, you know, Blue Zones and different diets and different approaches to your mental health. And that made me so happy. And that just, like, lifted me up and made me a better person that day. So although I love shopping, I love getting my nails done, you’d like you said I did? I don’t want to do that anymore. I’d rather do something like mind clearing, if that makes sense. Yeah,

Stacy Whitenight 25:49
it’s like a

Unknown Speaker 25:52
Yeah, just to, to clear, you’re

Stacy Whitenight 25:54
clear clearing your mind and your space. to, to do more, you know, to grow into that space with happiness and joy, I think is I think is really important. Um, tell me a little bit about, you know, as a health coach, you’re looking at a lot of things, right. You know, I think when we were younger, if I thought of health coach, or any type of Coach, you know, even in college being a collegiate athlete, there wasn’t a whole approach to this, I mean, Jesus, like, you know, they, they threw some protein mix at you after a workout.

Sabrina 26:43

Stacy Whitenight 26:44
if you were around when the nutritionist was happened to be around, but I was talking to another woman the other day, who I’m working out with, virtually, and she played softball in college. And we were talking about the same thing about how this, how the world’s still quite hasn’t adjusted to looking at health, and more whole way, you know, we’ve spent some time talking about self care, and the psychological part of it, like the brain, you know, the soul, really. And that’s not very typical of how people approach talking about health, you know, we tend to think of like a diet, right? And then,

Sabrina 27:33
and then that’s it, do your

Stacy Whitenight 27:34
diet, go lose some weight. But that doesn’t really seem to be a productive approach to living a better life. Can you tell me a little bit about how that’s become part of your work?

Sabrina 27:52
Exactly, exactly. Like you said, the most important thing we learned in the process of this course, is there’s their primary foods and secondary foods. And primary foods are your relationships, your mental health, your family, your career. It’s the circle of life where you identify the things that you need to work on. If if you are in a toxic relationship, or, you know, have a toxic relationship with someone, he doesn’t have to be, you know, a love interest, even like a sister or a friend. And you’re drinking green juice all day, you’re not getting any healthier. I’m sure your body feels good, but you’re not in that healthy state of mind, to feel your best. If it’s something weighing on you on your psychology, psychological and mental health, it’s never going to be healthy, you will never get healthy. And that is how a lot of chronic diseases start to happen. It’s inflammation in your gut, and your mental health. If you’re stressed out of your mind sitting in a car all day, you need to make some changes. Because if you’re not in a good mental health space, you won’t feel the benefits of any diet, foods that you put into your body. Whether you’re vegan paleo keto, it won’t work. It will something will always hold you back. And you, your body will constantly try to defend itself against the stresses of whatever it is that you’re dealing with. So when I work with people, my mission to work with them is to provide a roadmap to take control of your health. I’m there to guide you and support you. I will never tell anyone what to eat. I will never tell anyone, what kind of diet that should be. If someone comes to me and says, I want to lose 20 pounds, my first question would be why? And then, you know, if they say, because I want to chase my kids or I want to fit into a wedding dress, then we start digging deeper and identifying will 20 pounds really make you happier? Or you’re just chasing a number on the scale?

Stacy Whitenight 30:21
I chase horizontal scale. Don’t

Unknown Speaker 30:26
like sit here?

Unknown Speaker 30:27
Oh my god, I’m so guilty of all of these things.

Sabrina 30:31
And arrow, that scale. It’s a

Stacy Whitenight 30:34
huge, and you’re right. It’s it is a mindset change. On on everything, you know, I, you know, as you’re describing this, I think back to the past year, and I have put on a tremendous amount of weight, you know, and, you know, I’m sitting, you’re racking my brain, I’m like, Where have I gone wrong, you know, like, I work out all the time. I eat fairly well. But there’s a lot of other baggage of toxic stuff. You know, I just left a really toxic manager, like a really stressful year of work. Were just thinking, like, at the end of the day, as great as I was eating, like, I would run upstairs and just like munch on anything like I was like stress eating. And, you know, even though it was like cucumbers and hummus, like, I might as well have been putting in like, garbage sludge. Because I was eating it out of frustration. I was literally getting my frustration, and cucumbers and hummus and pickles. And it’s so eye opening and sad at the same time to have that type of conversation. And realize, one you have the power, right? Especially with someone guiding you. But it’s more Yes, just a diet.

Sabrina 32:13
It’s absolutely more than just the diet. I help people. I love helping people. And if it’s just if I work with one person. And for the rest of my life, that would make me happier, if they’re happy. That makes me happy. I’m such a people server. I just want to like make everybody be their best, right. But I also want to help people like one of my specialties is that I focus on understanding nutrition labels, understanding what’s good for your body, right? We are all genetically predispositioned to eat certain things. So for me growing up in Moscow, Russia, as a 10 year old and having my ancestors from there, my body knows that it’s okay to eat meat and potatoes. Yeah, I don’t have to eat it every day. But I can’t I tried being plant based for many reasons. It just doesn’t work for me, I get an email, I’m iron deficient, right? I’m irritable. I’m not really feeling the benefits of the diet. So once I started putting back a little bit of protein, a little bit of the foods that I enjoy, and made healthier choices. I started to feel better. And the weight that I had post baby or the stress weight, it just comes off. This whole like these diet fads that people force on people and the labels that scream organic, healthy. It’s all just it’s it’s also frustrating to see when people choose packed, you know, foods that are packaged that say like gluten free organic, crap crackers, but then if you really read the label, there’s more junk in there that you might as well just eat a normal club cracker and carry on. Now, if you have a gluten sensitivity, which I know people do, or celiac, I understand. But gluten, a lot of the wheat that we eat now, for example, has it causes so much inflammation because it’s not the type of wheat that our ancestors used to grow in. Right?

Stacy Whitenight 34:27
It’s prosite very different. It’s

Sabrina 34:29
all processed. Very much so. So when we’re eating these sugar free gluten free crackers, we’re eating crap, right? It’s actual crap that you are putting in your body and then you wonder why people have constipation or bloating or, you know, the opposite side effects of you know, runny stools. People get leaky gut syndrome and ended up getting so sick because now whatever is leaking out of your gut is getting into your bloodstream, right. And all that toxicity is mixing up and causes kidney disease, liver disease in an odd. So, as a health coach, I understand people have different diet needs, I understand people have different medical conditions. But we work together to identify what’s going to be best for you. If it’s really losing 20 pounds, or if it’s putting on 20 pounds, or, you know, just being healthier, just understanding the difference between where it says USDA Organic, or USDA Organic, verified. And those are two different things, right? It’s, I’m there to help you pick the best choice that is going to work for you, right. And if you’re, if you’re able to a lot of people, they eat a certain way because somebody told them to eat a certain way. But or take supplements, right? We we, we all taboo medicine, and then take so many supplements, it’s just another form of a pill that you’re taking without knowing if it’s doing any, it’s giving you any benefits. If you’re able to, you know, I recommend getting tested for what you’re actually deficient in, your doctor will tell you, if you’re have that opportunity, I would say do it and realize that if you really aren’t deficient take iron or vitamin A, whatever it is that your body needs. Don’t just take these multivitamin. Just making you know really expensive urine for yourself. And not really knowing because if you’re taking a multivitamin, but then going through a drive thru through every single day, you’re not really going to get the benefits of that multivitamin. And there’s nothing wrong with driving to the right. Just to emphasize right, I have been guilty of getting french fries here and there. My kids love chick fil

Unknown Speaker 37:07
a fortunately.

Stacy Whitenight 37:10
What it’s interesting, you were saying a minute ago about going vegan or being plant based for quite some time. And last year, I was really struggling gastrointestinal II like I was getting some really strange symptoms like really, really bad heartburn, like waking up in the middle of the night, just with reflux, or just I was just in pain. And so I finally was like, Alright, I’m cutting everything out. I decided to cut out read me, I cut out everything. And I really went plant based. And for a while I started to feel really good. No cheeses, no dairy. And I was feeling really good for a while and then all of a sudden, the opposite started happening. Like it was like getting sick all over again. And, and then I went to the doctor and I was like, Look, this has been happening, like what’s going on with me? And they did some blood test and, and, and everything and they’re like, oh, you’re incredibly anemic. And I was like, Oh, shit.

Unknown Speaker 38:21

Stacy Whitenight 38:22
and you know, I even now I still struggle to get enough protein in my diet. It’s not something that I I don’t know, if I’m, I’m just not really good at putting protein in my diet. That’s a maybe I’m a I’m a fat loader. Because when I, when I look at my, what I eat, I’m really heavy on the fat side, not even on the carb side. But I eat a lot of avocados, I eat a lot of things like that. A lot of you know, plain teens I tend to eat, especially now more foods that I’m familiar with, like being from the Dominican Republic, and that island type food and I think it’s a little bit more fat heavy. So I finally feel a little bit more balanced. But, um, but you’re right, like people don’t necessarily think of their blood type. Even I you know, I’ve heard a little bit about, you know, how your blood type really is important when you’re considering your diet. And where your heritage or ancestry is from is really important as you consider your diet. Yeah, I just I wonder, you know, if you were walking through the grocery store with me, or with you know, a client. If you’re, you know, if you’re like a little bird on someone’s shoulder, What kinds of things do you see most often and like how do you coach and guide someone in a way that is shaming because that’s where I first go in my head. I’m like, I thought I was put On those Hawaiian rolls,

Sabrina 40:03
there is no shaming anyone. We, when I do work with someone, and we do go to the grocery store, I try to, you know, all help books, as I say that like, focus on the periphery of the grocery store, don’t go in the aisles, like when I see people, everyone’s looking for a quick fix, right? They buy packaged everything quickly, because they have busy lives and busy things, and kids and families and other obligations. It just pains me because the whole thing about healthy being healthy is expensive. It’s just no longer true. If you shop within season, if you’re able to join a co op, the farms will actually send you produce that is appropriate for that season for you to eat. Right. It’s much cheaper than ordinary grocery stores or even ordering things from like imperfect foods, which actually send you instead of throwing things out, they could collect all foods that the grocery stores dismissed, like if it’s a cucumber that’s too big. It’s not cosmetically appealing to the grocery store. So they toss it, they have to have every cucumber a certain size. So you may get a cucumber that’s like 10 inches long, or you may get a cucumber that’s like five inches long. But it’s also another way of healthy shopping. However, if I’m at the grocery store with someone, I just I show them that there are ways to shop shopping smart shopping on a budget and and discovering what you can do with these foods. And setting a little bit of time in an hour once a week. prepping or at least writing down the things that you you’ve want to eat or make for a family. That helps a lot too. I will not shame anyone for buying Cheetos. I love Cheetos, but don’t buy them every day. Don’t buy their vegan item as a treat for

their crap.

Unknown Speaker 42:19
Crap ever.

Sabrina 42:20
They’re like worst

Stacy Whitenight 42:22
of you. They’re bad. They are bad. And they are delicious. And they’re very bad for you. So

Sabrina 42:29
they are I don’t love Cheetos personally, but my kids do and my husband does and on Fridays when we have movie night. I allow them to have Cheetos and and a lot of sugar that I personally don’t eat not because I don’t want to I just don’t like it. I don’t like foods, certain foods because I’ve been eating the way I’ve been eating for so long.

Stacy Whitenight 42:52
Yeah, your taste buds definitely change that I

Sabrina 42:56
just, I don’t crave Cheetos. And I don’t crave you know, a lollipop. Yeah, I’d rather have a good piece of chocolate, I’d rather have, you know, like, or I focus on meals that are going to make me feel good. But also be kind to myself when I’m eating pizza with meatballs on top. You know? Yeah,

Stacy Whitenight 43:20
it’s um, it’s so interesting. You know, I think a lot about how you’re an immigrant as well, and how different the food culture is in the United States or maybe Western westernized food production.

Unknown Speaker 43:45

Stacy Whitenight 43:46
you know, you were just talking about like, how things are packaged in the grocery store or what they throw out right? Like, how, how unfortunate it is for all of us and farmers and just the world to be so callous and dismissive. And I don’t know it’s just there’s something right there that doesn’t sit right and I’ve been watching a lot of masterclass cooking classes learning about South American cooking like Mexican cooking I love I you know what I really have for years I used to say I do not like Mexican food. And the truth of it is I don’t like Americanized Mexican food because Mexican food truly and I have a really good friend that’s Mexican and I realized this once I started hanging out with her like, it’s very similar to Dominican style cooking. And the ingredients that are used are different. And

Sabrina 44:49

Stacy Whitenight 44:49
sitting there and listening to this masterclass on the different peppers and corn and all of these different things that are used that you never Ever, ever see in a grocery store even one as fun as Wegmans, you just the Thai food diversity is lacking. And you makes you wonder like, how that has really changed our perspective and mindset to be healthier. Had think about this in a way that is think about what we’re doing to our bodies in a way that is really holistic. And so I’m grateful to have someone like, say, open your eyes,

Sabrina 45:38
I would say to two things in relation to I think all of us having certain jobs, and living in places where you have to drive everywhere. If you’re not moving so much. In other cultures, I think people live so close to things and needs. They’re constantly walking, you know, it’s different. And when I’m living here in Reston, Virginia, I have to get in my car and drive to a grocery store. As opposed to if I was even living in New York City, I need to walk 10 blocks to go to a grocery store. And another thing is that really pay attention to what you eat, spend a little more on a good piece of steak that’s grass fed and that’s not treated with antibiotics and all these toxic chemicals that they you know, unfortunately poison these poor animals. Focus on the on on dairy but good dairy, goat cheese, organic milk, but not too much. You can I think having an unlimited abundance of vegetables,


and good meat. What what the killers are lack of movement, white starches, gluten. I mean, I could go on. But I pick just honestly, paying attention to what you eat is the most important thing. qinhuai is not going to make you healthier, if you enjoy qinhuai eat it, but not every day. Right limit limit the the carbohydrates, even the complex ones, because all of us that we don’t need so much carbs. The in the carbs we’re eating now are not the carbs that our ancestors ate, right? They’re infused with all kinds of stuff that is makes you sick and probably is addictive and intentionally meant to make you buy more and eat it again. The Cheetos probably have some things like a drunk pretty sure there’s sugar, yeah. And sugar, avoid sugar. And

Stacy Whitenight 47:57
I love that. And, you know, as as we sort of part from our listeners here, I really think what you said earlier is so important. And something you know here in Durham that I’m very fortunate to have is knowing where your food comes from. And if it comes from within 100 miles, you know, your you know, support your local farmers. And not only are you doing keeping your dollar circulating within your community so that you benefit down the road that you’re putting something really good into your body.

Sabrina 48:39
Yes, we should all be living the way people live in Blue Zones. Are you familiar with those? Tell me, I’ll quickly say so there are a few areas and parts of the world that are called Blue Zone areas. And that is a place where it has the highest number of people living to be 100 and over.

Stacy Whitenight 49:01
Oh, I think I’ve heard like Japan is one of these. Yeah.

Sabrina 49:06
Yes, yes, exactly. You know what people there, they eat their pasta, they drink tons of wine, but they’re all so happy. They take care of each other. It’s like a village of people taking care of each other’s mental needs and emotional needs. that is what’s most important. Those people are not stressed out about sitting in traffic and driving to a job that they don’t like. They’re taking they’re eating real food. They’re actually cooking the tomato sauce and making the pasta and eating it and then when you know where your food comes from like they they have gardens they don’t have these pesticide infused options at the grocery store. it’s what’s frustrating to me is that the these these companies intentionally make these things cheaper, so that the, you know, the the organic tomatoes 399. But the other one is $1.29. But yet you’re poisoning people, right? You know. So I would say forego something else in your life and buy good food. you’ll see a big difference, and Move! move, get a walk – just for you to say if the one thing I, you know, I want to always tell people is that finding an exercise you like is important, but also realizing that sometimes high impact exercises raises your cortisol levels, which means that your fight or flight lose the weight, right? Yeah, exactly. So low impact exercises work just as great. It’s consistency is key have been consistent. 10 minutes a day, every day will change you. I promise. if you dont, come find me. I’ll have some splaining to do.

Stacy Whitenight 50:58
Fair enough. All right. Well, thank you so much, Sabrina. This has been incredibly insightful, and certainly given me a lot to think about. I might be calling you on my next trip to the grocery store to have a little You’re

Sabrina 51:12
welcome. Please call anytime.

Stacy Whitenight 51:16
We are honored that you’ve decided to spend some time with us here today. There’s a lot to either unpack or discover with us. Keeping an honest connection and figuring out who we are and how we’ve changed over the years is what you’ll find here. If you’re enjoying this as much as we are, we’d be delighted if you left a review and absolutely over the moon. If you became one of our Patreon Don’t be shy, head over to the boss ebs.com to drop us a personal note. Find more podcast episodes and read our blog. In our next podcast Kim and I will be sitting down to talk about the UPS downs and all around sideways and backwardness of childcare during the pandemic. As to full time working moms. We understand that many families have seen changes, but we’re also going to explore how the pandemic has affected us beyond our homes as well.

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