Well-Rounded Living

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

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The downtime experienced during the pandemic provided a unique opportunity to “slow down” for many of us. Desire to create a well-rounded living situation was strong among the masses. However, there was a general sense of misdirection and confusion when the question of how to create a healthy, well-rounded environment in our home.

Self-care in a pandemic

The masses found themselves wearing down a line from pacing the floor of their living rooms. As cabin-fever set in, some decided to venture outdoors to claim back the status quo, others decided to dig into the burning question of “what is self-care?”

The Bossy Bees are slightly obsessed with the topic because we realize that in taking care of ourselves, we show up for others. When we operate at our highest levels – we are energized, balanced, and integrated with our emotions, body, and mental channels. We don’t need science to show us that we can better manage stress, demonstrate emotional resilience, and our bodies feel beautiful and formidable! We describe this as feeling “well-rounded” and strive for it’s practice, not perfection.

Well-rounded living with an Integrative Nutritionist

On today’s podcast, we are talking with Sabrina Ribaudo. A certified Integrative Nutritionist and health coach. When the pandemic hit for Sabrina, she decided to pursue one of her passions and develop some latent and hidden skills. She discovered a path of joy to create a life of integration and balance not only for herself, but a way to coach others to well-rounded living!

  • Sabrina’s mission to provide a roadmap for people to take control of their health
  • What it means to be kind and kind and patient with yourself
  • Finding joy in the everyday “boringness” or mundane routines
  • The hidden pitfalls of supplements and when and why you should, or should not take them
  • The power of sleep
  • What is “gut health” and why it’s important to consider more than just food to help it do its job

Self-care is a journey

We are looking forward to exploring more facets as they relate to self-care. As we talked about in this episode, self-care is limitless in its opportunity and it shows up differently for everyone. The only way to discover the optimum is to continue to explore those possibilities! Check out some of our other blogs, podcasts and favorite resources related to this topic:


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This Podcast on Well-rounded Living is made possible by Sabrina Ribaudo Health

My holistic healing approach for health and wellness counseling is the same way I approach my own health. I work with women to help them discover the root reason they are not feeling healthy in their body and create a plan that is simple to implement into their busy lives. I believe it is the small changes we make every day that really create a big difference.

I take the struggle out of being healthy and help you ease your way into your new lifestyle. You do not have to feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating new habits, I am here to support you on your journey to your healthiest life where everything and anything is possible.

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