You can start things with the greatest of intent, but the forces moving around you also have their own mission. I began my current job with the hope of learning something new and working for a group that held greater possibilities. Quickly, I realized my career had stalled and I wasn’t moving in a direction that offered me the things I wanted to learn or experiences I desired. This stall gave me an opportunity to shift my personal life in ways that granted more flexibility. I’ve realized with increased financial freedom, change isn’t as stressful and as this reorganization unfolds, I move through it with greater acceptance.

While my reputation may precede me, what lays before me is a course in establishing new ways of working, styles of doing business, and defining new relationships. How do you deal with sudden change at work? It is disruptive and distressing when you haven’t been consulted and just replanted into an already established team? I used to be more forcible when having to assert myself in new groups – where my questions, points, opinions, or guidance needed more background, history, or explaining.

It is different this time, with this reorganization, with them moving this little pawn piece to a different location. I surprised myself when confronted with having to compromise the happiness I’ve worked hard to establish, not just with setting expectations of those I work with, but knowing exactly what my personal priorities are, and not letting go of them.

The past couple of years have been an exercise in identifying exactly what it is I enjoy at work and where that balance is with my personal joys with family, friends, and community. I may have some choices to make that will feel bold and scary as we embark on this new adventure at 3 Bossy Bees, but I also know when asked to make compromises I’m not the only one making choices, so are the powers-that-be deciding on the fates and compromises of their workforce.


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